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60 Cycle Hum @ The Cubby Bear - May 4th

"Self promotion goes against every fiber of our beings but this is a far more important cause than my modesty so here it goes…" Sean Hills, SpringCM

After hearing Shawn Stilwell tell the extremely tragic and moving story of his son Harry last week at SpringFever, it got me thinking about out of the box ideas to help Harry and others afflicted by this terrible rare Juvenile Batten Disease. The shear amount of money that needs to be raised is staggering ($2.5 million just to get the process to the planning stage for human trials, all of it the burden of the families because pharma will not fund the research).

My band 60 Cycle Hum is playing a gig at Cubby Bear on Friday, May 4th and this seemed like a great opportunity to raise some money. So I approached my band mates about turning this into a fundraiser for and there wasn’t a moment of hesitation. They were all in. So if you are free the evening of Friday, May 4th then please come out and support Harry and the organization. There are three bands playing a diverse set of music (we are a rock band, the second band is pretty eclectic indie music and the third band is a local rap artist backed buy an actual band). If you are coming out then please purchase tickets ahead of time. We get 80% of the pre-sales but the door is split three ways so to maximize what we can contribute to you MUST BUY a pre-sale ticket using the link below. It will be a fun night for a great cause at an amazing venue across from historic Wrigley Field! My band goes on stage around 8:15pm.

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